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Zug Switzerland
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Zug History

From 1728 to 1738 Zug was distracted by violent disputes about the distribution of the French pensions. In 1798, the inhabitants opposed the French.
In 1803 the canton of Zug regained its independence as a separate canton. The constitution of 1814 abolished open assemblies (Landsgemeinde), which had existed for in the canton since1376. In the year 1845 the canton of Zug became a member of the Sonderbund and shared in the war of 1847 which was lost to the Swiss confederation. In 1848 the remaining functions of the open assemblies (Landsgemeinde) were abolished. Both in 1848 and in 1874 the canton voted against the federal constitutions. The constitution of 1876 was amended in1881, and replaced by a new one in the year 1894.
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