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Zug Geography

The canton of Zug is located in central Switzerland. It is neighboured by the canton of Lucerne and Canton of Aargau which lie to its west. To the north, Zug is bound by the Canton of Zurich, whereas to the west and south lies the Canton of Schwyz.Of the land which covers a mere 239 square kilometres, most of it is considered productive. The lakes Zug and Ageri make up a considerable area of the canton's lands. The Lake Ageri is completely within the canton of Zug, whereas the Lake Zug is shared with the cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz.
The canton is located on a hilly plateau. The Hohrohnen is the highest elevation with a height of 1,205 m in the east of the canton.

The Lorze river is the principal drainage in the canton. It originates in Lake Ägeri from where it flows northward through the deposits of glaciers into a deep gorge with fine stalactite caverns (deposits of Calcium Carbonate). The river eventually enters the lake of Zug very near from where the river Reuss originates. The river Reuss forms the boundary of the canton Zug in the north west.
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