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Zug Switzerland
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The Canton of Zug is one of the 26 Cantons located in the Central of Switzerland. Its capital is Zug and with an area of mere 239 square kilometers this is also one of the smallest Cantons of Switzerland in terms of area. It is not divided into districts.

Zug Geography

The canton of Zug is located in central Switzerland. It is neighboured by the canton of Lucerne and Canton of Aargau which lie to its west. To the north, Zug is bound by the Canton of Zurich, whereas to the west and south lies the Canton of Schwyz... Zug geography details

Zug History

From 1728 to 1738 Zug was distracted by violent disputes about the distribution of the French pensions. In 1798, the inhabitants opposed the French... Zug history details

Zug Transport

Railways are the primary means of Transport and they connect the canton of Zug both with Lucerne and Zurich. The lines running along either shore of the lake of Zug join.. Zug transport details

Zug Demographics

The population as per the year 2002 was 100,900. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic and German speaking... Zug Demographics details

Zug Economy

Cattle-breeding and pastoral jobs are the main occupation of the people in the higher regions of the Canton. There are almost 61 alps in the canton.. Zug economy details

Zug Administration

The canton of Zug forms a single administrative district, which comprises eleven municipalities. The legislature has 80 members. The executive body has seven members. Members of both governments are elected directly by popular vote. The term of office in both cases is four years.
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