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Vaud Switzerland
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The canton of Vaud (usually pronounced [vo] )is one among the 26 cantons of Switzerland which is located at the southwestern part of the country. The capital of Vaud is Lausanne

In the North, there is an exclave which contains the municipality named Avenches .This is covered by Canton of Fribourg and lake Neuchâtel. The southeast areas are part of the Swiss Alps. The Diablerets Glacier, at a height of 3,210 m, rests in these mountains, which host several popular skiing destinations such as Villars, Les Diablerets and Leysin. The central area of the canton, constitutes of moraines and is thus hilly. There are enormous plains along the lakes.

Vaud Culture

Vaud shares a lot of common cultures with its fellow French-speaking Protestant cantons of Geneva and Neuchâtel. It still has a strong rural component, protected by high subsidies... Vaud Culture details

Vaud Economy

The capital city of Vaud-Lausanne is the major city in the canton. There are large numbers of light industries around the capital.... Vaud economy details

Vaud Education

Vaud is the land of many famous universities & schools.... Vaud educational details

Vaud Districts

Since 1803, the Canton of Vaud has been divided into 19 districts... Vaud districts details

Vaud Demographics

The population is mainly French speaking and Protestant (Calvinist) since the early years of the Reformation... Vaud demographics details
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