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Uri History

It is believed that the name Uri is derived from the German word Aurochs which means Wild OX. This is evident in the regions traditional coat of arms bears a bull’s head.
Uri was one of the three original Swiss cantons, having signed the Letter of Alliance or (Bundesbrief) in 1291.In 1386 Uri gained victory over the Austrians at Sempach. Then, Uri annexed the lands of Urseren in 1410 to itself.

This region resisted the reformation and remained Roman Catholic. During the Helvettic Republic Uri was part of the canton of Waldstätten. After this, in1803, Uri re-gained its independence. After this all the attempts to religious or constitutional reforms were resisted. In 1815 Uri joined the League of Sarnen for this reason. Later on Uri was one of the members of the Sonderbund. The Sonderbund which means separate alliance was a league created in 1845 in Switzerland among seven Catholic and conservative cantons. But this was overthrown by the Swiss Confederation in a campaign that lasted only from November 3 to November 29.
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