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Uri is one of the 26 Cantons of Switzerland and is located in Central Switzerland..this Cantons territory covers the valleys of the Reuss River between Lake lucerne and St.Gotthard pass. German is the primary language of the population which adds up to 35,000.The legendary hero of disputed historical authenticity William tell is said to have hailed from Uri.

Uri Geography

Uri is located in the centre of Switzerland. The total area of the Canton is 1077 square Kilo metres.50% of this area is considered Productive... Uri geography details


It is believed that the name Uri is derived from the German word Aurochs which means Wild OX. This is evident in the regions traditional coat of arms bears a bull’s head... Uri history details

Uri Politics

The current constitution was laid in 1888. It was revised in the year 1929 when the open assembly was abolished. The cantonal capital of Uri is Altdorf..

Uri Economics

Since most of the terrain is extremely hilly, cultivation is not possible in these areas.. Hydroelectric power generation is of great importance because of the inherent geography... Uri economics details

Uri Municipalities

The municipalities of the canton of Uri are Altdorf, Andermatt, Attinghausen, ... Uri muncipalities details
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