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Glarus Switzerland
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Republic and Canton of Glarus is a canton in east central Switzerland with a population exceeding 38000. The capital is Glarus and the highest point in the Canton is Todi with a height of 3614 metres. There are 25 municipalities in the canton and it has an area of about 685 square kilometers. The population is German speaking and the inhabitants are either Protestant or Catholic.

Glarus Geography

Most of the area of the canton of Glarus is mountainous and is dominated by the deep valley of the Linth River. The highest peak in the Glarus Alps is the Tödi with a height of 3614m. Glarus geography details

Glarus Industry

The mountainous surroundings of Glarus complemented industrialisation. Slate works were important in the 147th century. Cotton spinning became important in the 18th century... Glarus industry details

Glarus Municipalities

There are around 25 municipalities. The list of 25 municipalities of the anon of Glarus are Betschwanden, Bilten, Braunwald, Elm, ... Glarus muncipalities details
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