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Switzerland Culture

Switzerland has developed a distinctive yet evident culture over these years. This has been influenced by the neighboring countries and the international sentiment prevailing in Switzerland.

The Swiss are well known for their humanitarian tradition as Switzerland is the birth place of the Red Cross movement .Switzerland also hosts the United Nations Human Rights Council.
The French speaking regions in Switzerland follow more of French culture and the German speaking areas are more oriented towards German culture. Italian culture is prominently visible in the Italian speaking regions of Switzerland. The Rhaeto-Romanic culture in the eastern mountains of Switzerland maintains its very rare linguistic culture.
The Swiss mountain areas have a highly energetic ski town culture in winter and a hiking culture in summer. A traditional farmer and herder culture predominates in many areas in Switzerland and this bonding to the land and agriculture has been a strong force holding the Swiss together. The small farms are ubiquitous outside the cities, and many Swiss at least have a small garden plot for flowers.
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