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Berne Switzerland
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Berne is the 4th popular city in Switzerland. The Illustrious Bernese include the reformer Albrecht von Haller, the poet Albert Bitzius and the painters Hans Fries, Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee. German-born physicist Albert Einstein worked out his theory of relativity while employed as a clerk at the Berne patent office.

Berne Geography

Berne's city center is largely medieval and has been recognised by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site. The most famous sight is the Zytglogge, an elaborate medieval clock tower... more about bern geography

Movie Theaters and Clubs

Berne has many number of film theaters. Movies are shown in movie theaters... more bern theaters

Wasserwerk is a night-club close to the river Aare with lots of concerts and parties. Bierhübeli is a famous concert and party club ... more bern clubs

Berne Museums

The famous Museums in Berne are Alpine Museum, Art-Hall , Einstein House .. more bern museums

Berne Festivals

The most famous festivals in Berne are Berner Tanztage, Buskers festival, Gurten festival, ... more festivals

Berne Sport

The football team BSC Young Boys is based in Berne at the Wankdorf... more about bern sports

Berne Education and science

Berne has a University known as University of Applied Science and many schools.... more about education
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