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Basel Switzerland
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Basel is Switzerland's third most populous city with a population of 165,529 inhabitants as per the year 2006. Basel is Switzerland's second-largest urban area.

Industry and trade in Basel

Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals are the modern focus of Base city's industrial production. Some of the chemical industry's most notable creations include DDT, Araldite, Valium, Rohypnol... Basel industry trade details

Basel Education

Basel hosts Switzerland's oldest university, the University of Basel, dating from 1459. More recently, its work in tropical medicine has gained prominence.... Basel educational details

Basel Sports

The football club FC Basel will be one of the venues for the 2008 European Championships, as well as Geneva, Zürich and Bern. The games are jointly organized by Switzerland and Austria.... Basel sports details

Basel Culture

In the year 1997, Basel contended to become the "European Capital of Culture". The city is also known for "The Basel Elite", the posh and old money social circle that the city can more than cater to... Basel culture details
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