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Aargau (German) is the most northern Canton or state of the federal state of Switzerland.

The capital is Aarau. Aargau has a total area of 1404 Square KMs and a population of approximately 5.75 lakhs. It borders Germany to the north.
Argau is the least mountainous Swiss canton and a part of the great table land to the north of the Alps and east of the Jura. Argau is a beautiful country with undulated tracks and wood covered hills separated by well watered valleys by the river Aar and its tributaries.

The valleys are separated by pleasant hills most of which are covered with trees.These valleys contain the famous Sulphur springs of Baden and Schinznach and extensive saline springs at Rheinfelden.

In the year 2003 the canton Aargau turned 200 years old. For more than a century there were only two villages in Aargau, Endingen and Lengnau, where Jews were permitted to live in Switzerland. They were not permitted to own houses or to live under the same roof with Christians.

Aargau Tourism

Tourism is significant in Aargau, particularly for the hot springs at Baden and Schinznach Bad. The ancient castles, the landscape, and the many old museums in the canton are the attractions to the tourists. Hillwalking is another tourist attraction, but has only limited significance.

Aargau Districts

Aargau is divided into 11 districts
    • Aarau with capital Aarau
    • Baden with capital Baden
    • Bremgarten with capital Bremgarten
    • Brugg with capital Brugg
    • Kulm with capital Unterkulm
    • Laufenburg with capital Laufenburg
    • Lenzburg with capital Lenzburg
    • Muri with capital Muri
    • Rheinfelden with capital Rheinfelden
    • Zofingen with capital Zofingen
    • Zurzach with capital Zurzach
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